Top 10 Proof Of Aliens On The Dark Side Of The Moon

(6) Sir Frederick William Herschel, the man who discovered the planet of Uranus claimed to spot bright lights traversing over the dark side of the moon in 1787, which by no means were natural.

Frederick William Herschel

(7) Various astronomers from the different corners of the world have reported the existence of small luminous orbs on the dark side of the moon, which has made it evident that the dark side of the moon has good visitation by the aliens.

astronomers luminous orbs on the moon

(8) Giant tower like structures are being found on moon’s far side that has not only amazed astronomers with their gigantic size, but also because of the fact that these towers seems to have been moving, which can be understood from the trail that they have been leaving behind them. Such moving towers require super intelligent minds to be built.

Giant tower on the moon

(9) Structures resembling buildings with interconnected pathways have been found on the far side of the moon, which would compel one to think that the aliens have not only visited the moon, but have also been able to build a city of their own on the far side of the moon as well.

Structures on the moon

(10) Many ex Naval intelligence officers who had access to top classified documents have been talking about the presence of unidentified and mysterious structures on the surface of the moon for over 50 years now.

Structures on the moon 2

All these proofs are strong enough to confirm that aliens are present on the moon’s far side. If claims are to be believed, they have warned NASA to stay off the moon’s surface, which is why NASA has not made any further attempts to conduct lunar missions for last 50 years.

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Proof Of Aliens On The Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. Why do you think we believe in photos of buildings on the DARK side of the moon are real?
    What flashlight was used to take these pictures. All this reminds me of Hanlon’s razor.

    1. The dark side of the moon receives light from the sun. It’s called dark because it always faces away from the earth. I’m in no way claiming the photos are authentic.

  2. For the record on Item #1. My family are close friends of the Irwins. We have spent significant time with the Irwin family, inclusive of staying in their house and babysitting their kids. My grandmother wrote a book for the Irwins, and as part of that effort delved deep into both Jim’s experience and the families experience during his lunar landing. I have played with their kids, had them in our house, and discussed deep personal matters with them.

    Jim did not see, nor did he believe he saw aliens. He did not film a “possible UFO”. In short, your assertion in #1 is blatantly false.

    I’m not sure how I can trust any of the other “facts” on this page when I know the first point is entirely incorrect.

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