The Ancient Aliens Guy And The Ancient Astronaut Theory

Who is the Ancient Aliens Guy?

Man has a fascinating relationship with space. Man is an inquisitive creature by nature and is always on the lookout for new things in life. He has always gone in search of extra terrestrial beings in space. He believes that there may be many such worlds similar to ours. The inhabitants may be as intelligent as him or more. Just as man is in search of aliens, aliens might also be in search of similar inhabitants. Such a theory gained credibility in the ancient times. One such man who believed that aliens interacted with humans was Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

He was the first man to claim that aliens interacted with ancient humans. People call him the “Ancient Aliens Guy.” He is a Swiss born Greek-Austrian writer. He is also a renowned television personality. His greatest contribution to literature is the fact that he is the co-founder of the “Legendary Times Magazine.” This deals with the topic of ancient astronauts and their activities. He is renowned for his research in the field of ancient astronomy.

Ancient Angels

What is the Ancient Angels?

It is a series of images based on a History TV channel serial going by the same name. This serial stars Giorgio A. Tsoukalos in the lead role. He has done extensive research in this field. He tries to explain certain inexplicable phenomena as a proof of the presence of aliens on earth in ancient times. The serial explains things in a very humorous way.

What is the Origin of this program?

There was a program in the History Channel, “Ancient Angels.” This documentary series offers explanations about visits by aliens in the past. The series, produced by Giorgio first aired on April 20, 2010.

What is the Theory?

The entire documentary bestows its full focus on the Ancient Astronaut theory. The theory claims that extra terrestrial beings came to Earth in the ancient times and did many activities prompting a shaping of the history of the world. It suggests that the alien astronauts built the Pyramids of Egypt. You must note that the Pyramids of Egypt align perfectly with the constellation Orion. Giorgio believes that some aliens might have connection with Orion. There was wide criticism of the show as being far-fetched. There were allegations of the show advocating hugely speculative ideas. There was complete disagreement with the theory of aliens visiting the Earth in ancient times.

The Spread of the Theory:

The human civilization has innumerable unexplained mysteries. Giorgio links these unexplained mysteries with his theory of alien invasions. He manages to steer every topic towards this belief. In this manner, he became a popular person. His series touched unprecedented levels of viewership.

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6 thoughts on “The Ancient Aliens Guy And The Ancient Astronaut Theory

  1. The search is over. Found 3inch statues of aliens & other beings. Once studied can not be disproven. 100% true. Have statues of praying mantises dressed like Spinx.

    1. It’s a good question Muhammad. In my experience senior leaders need to personally feel pain (in either their pocketbooks or egos) to get on board and embrace those thidlht-geauong revolutionaries down below.

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  3. I am a witness to a giant eye in the sky which I witnessed in Eastern Europe. It sounds crazy but it was there. I want to speak to Giorgio. How do I do that?

    1. I have been following the Ancient Astronaut Theory on television since its inception. I happen to be a believer since I first heard about Bob Lazar’s experience working with US Government at Area 51.
      I am a entrepreneur and have been involved with a furniture franchise company since 1993. After 12 years of massive identity theft issues, which the company’s CIO being the guilty party, I have some real estate in W. C Illinois (Jacksonville) that I need to rent out. I wonder if there is any interest in opening a response/reporting center for persons with experiences/knowledge of “out of world” encounters. It could also be utilized as a location that could store/house physical objects involved with Alien activities.

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