3 Main Pieces of Evidence that the Mayans were Aliens

In 1839, explorer Stephens accidentally discovered pyramids, palaces and hieroglyphics in the rainforests of Central America, from which the Mayan civilization gradually appeared in people’s sight. As people explore more and more, the fog of Mayan civilization is getting bigger and bigger, and many of the construction techniques are beyond the restoration of modern human civilization. So many scientists wondered, were the Mayans aliens? Here is some incredible evidence of the Mayan civilization.

1. The Unique and precise calendar of the Mayans

The Mayan calendar divided a year into 18 months and estimated that the earth had 365.2420 days in a year, only 0.0002 days apart from the 365.2422 days estimated by modern people. The Mayans also calculated that the year on “Venus” was 584 days, which is only 7 seconds away from the time calculated by modern technology.┬áThe Mayan period did not find high-tech figure, they can calculate the calendar so accurately, really is very surprising and puzzling.

The Mayan calendar also has a “Tzolkin” calendar with only 260 days in a year, but there is no other planet in the solar system that is suitable for this calendar, leading people to believe that the Mayans came from another planet and the “Tzolkin” was their own calendar on the planet. In addition to the calendar, the architecture of the Mayan culture is also quite amazing.

2. Amazing Mayan architecture

The Pyramid of Kukulkan was an astronomically significant structure with a square base and 91 steps facing north, south, east, and west. The number of steps and platforms matched the number of days and months of the year. Meanwhile, the Mayan calendar has a 52-year cycle, and there are 52 carved slabs on this pyramid.

In Mayan culture, there are many huge constructions, such as Chichen Itza, Tikal, Palenque, etc., but the Maya did not use wheels, metal and other tools to build these buildings. They were stacked with tens of thousands of stones, which were transported from at least 100 meters away and had to be cut. In the study of Mayan culture, it has not been discovered how the Mayans built these buildings. Some scientists suspect that the Mayans built them by spaceship, using levitating technology, which can completely leave no trace.

3. Carvings of spaceships appeared in the Mayan civilization

June 5, 1952, people in the Mexican plateau city of Palenque in the ruins of a temple, excavated a piece of stone carved with strange figures and patterns. People didn’t know about astronauts at the time, so they thought of him as a mythical figure from the Mayan culture. In the 1960s, people began to take astronauts into space, those American scientists involved in space research suddenly understood that the carving on the Palenque SLATE is the picture of astronauts driving spacecraft!

Although the contents of the design will be relatively stiff, it is still possible to distinguish the air intakes, exhaust pipes, joysticks, rudders, antennas, hoses and even instruments in the spacecraft can be seen very clearly. Those aerospace experts are very sure that it is the ancient space vehicle.


From the discovery of Maya civilization so far, people have never stopped the exploration of Maya civilization, but the more in-depth, the more intense the question is whether Maya are aliens, with the rapid development and progress of science and technology, these mysteries will be revealed.