Westall UFO Incident: Unraveling the Secrets of a 1966 Enigma

When it comes to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrials, people generally tend to automatically divide into two camps: one supporting the existence of extraterrestrial life and UFOs, while the other believes that UFOs and aliens are merely products of human imagination. Recently, recordings of Australia’s largest-scale UFO sighting event have been exposed, reigniting curiosity about the unknown.

On April 6, 1966, over 300 students and teachers at Westall High School in Melbourne witnessed a UFO, marking the largest UFO sighting event in Australian history. Over the years, debates about this event have persisted, with some claiming to have seen three disc-shaped objects, while others believe there was only one. Additionally, speculations range from extraterrestrial invasion to the Australian government testing new weapons.

Recently, a recording documenting the events of that time has once again brought the incident into focus. Reports state that the recording captures an interview by Australian UFO researcher and photographer James J. Kibel with Andrew Greenwood, a natural science teacher at Westall High School. In the interview, Greenwood claimed to have personally witnessed the UFO. Subsequently, this recording was handed over to American physicist and UFO researcher James E. McDonald.

In the recording, James documented Greenwood’s chilling experience. “Greenwood told me that the UFO didn’t initially catch his attention, but a hysterical child ran into his classroom, telling him there was a flying saucer outside,” James said. “He (Greenwood) thought the child might be mentally disturbed. However, when the child insisted that the object was in the sky, he decided to go out and see for himself.” When Greenwood reached outside the classroom, he found a group of students looking towards the northeast corner of the sports field, where he witnessed a UFO hovering near the power lines. Greenwood described the unidentified flying object as circular, silver, and about the size of a car.

According to James’s recording, more and more people gathered on the sports field to watch, and five aircraft arrived on the scene, surrounding the object. “He (Greenwood) said it was the most peculiar aircraft he had ever seen in his life,” James said. “The planes were doing everything possible to get close to the object, and he (Greenwood) said he would never know how the planes avoided colliding with the UFO. Every time they (planes) got too close to the object, it (UFO) would slowly accelerate, then quickly speed away, distancing itself and ceasing flight.”

As Greenwood described, approximately 350 students and teachers stood on the field witnessing this process for about 20 minutes. Suddenly, the UFO disappeared within a few seconds, and the principal came out, ordering everyone to return to their classrooms. James claimed that the principal instructed everyone not to discuss the incident, threatening severe consequences such as job loss for anyone violating this rule. Even when the Royal Australian Air Force came to the school to inquire about the situation, the principal instructed the military personnel to “leave and jump in the river.” Later, some well-dressed men in black warned witnesses not to talk about the sighting.

Westall UFO Incident

On April 6, 1966, a clear Wednesday, in a classroom 1A of Westall High School in Melbourne, a group of students was having physical education on the football field. At that moment, a student shouted, “Look! There’s a flying saucer!” All the students turned their gaze to the sky, where a strange disc-shaped flying object hovered above the sports field.

Everyone saw this flying object, which was stationary in the air, made no sound, and was about one meter high. The exterior color of the flying object was silver-gray, with a hint of purple.

The students, frightened, ran towards the school building, shouting, “There’s a flying saucer!” The term “flying saucer” was used because the unidentified flying object resembled a disk and emitted light. So, everyone referred to it as a “flying saucer.”

Many students from various classrooms came out to witness this incredible scene, and a chemistry teacher grabbed a camera and rushed outside. They all saw the flying saucer still there, but it had descended behind a few trees. The teacher intermittently pressed the shutter, capturing images of the flying saucer and the students’ reactions.

Military Intervention in Uniform

At this point, several small planes approached from a distance. Perhaps sensing something, the flying saucer, without making any sound, suddenly ascended vertically at the speed of light towards the southeast. It landed briefly on a nearby grassy area, then took off again, ultimately disappearing from people’s view. Some students approached the landing site and found a classmate who had fainted nearby. The grass on the ground left a circular mark, showing that the flattened grass had turned yellow in a clockwise spiral.

Later, the collapsed student was taken away by an ambulance and never returned. It was later discovered that someone had drawn the appearance of the flying saucer. The saucer had no seams or rivets; the outer surface was smooth metal that emitted heat. It could be felt even from several meters away.

In the afternoon, many military personnel in uniforms arrived at the school. The principal instructed the students to stop talking about the incident, attributing it to a collective hallucination. The chemistry teacher was asked to hand over the camera, and some news reporters were prevented from interviewing students.

Many students who were witnesses at the time revealed in recent years that they were summoned by two men in suits the next day. In reality, it was mostly a form of intimidation, demanding that they forget about the incident or remain silent.

Suspicions Surrounding the Australian Military

It wasn’t just the students who witnessed the flying saucer; nearby pedestrians, the owner of the farmland, and his workers also saw the saucer. According to the landowner, about 20 minutes after the UFO disappeared, two military trucks and two jeeps arrived at the scene, carrying around 20 individuals dressed in khaki uniforms.

They were holding devices resembling metal detectors, sweeping the ground back and forth. Many locals knew that there were no Australian military forces near Melbourne in 1966, and it would be impossible for them to arrive at the scene within a short 20-minute span. Moreover, the Australian military at that time did not have camouflage uniforms. It can be argued that this group of people was not part of the Australian military. When witnesses returned to the site a week later, the vegetation at the UFO landing site had been cleared, and all traces were burned.

It can be said that reports about this incident were historically documented in major newspapers, but the official response completely sealed off any information, as if the event had never occurred. Many witnesses from that time later reiterated identical details, with most finding it unlikely that a coordinated lie of such magnitude could be sustained. However, due to the confiscation of cameras at the time, a significant amount of evidence was destroyed or disappeared. Only in official records, there were mentions that people had only seen weather balloons. As for the witnesses’ accounts of the flying saucer and the appearance of aircraft in the sky, no relevant records were found.


The Westall UFO incident from half a century ago remains an enigma, shrouded in curiosity and speculation. Despite numerous eyewitnesses at the time, there is still no conclusive explanation or official report to elucidate what transpired. The impact of this event is not only evident in the recollections of many witnesses but also reflected in the collective memory of the local community, becoming an unforgettable chapter in history.

The repercussions of the Westall UFO incident primarily manifest in the development of research on UFOs and unidentified flying objects. Although the event garnered widespread attention, official silence and efforts to suppress and seal off information may have hindered scientific inquiry into such unexplained phenomena, making it challenging for scientists to access authentic data for analysis.

With advancements in technology and increased societal openness, research into unidentified flying objects has gained prominence. The Westall incident has become a classic case in UFO research, attracting more scientists and researchers to delve into related fields. People are becoming more proactive in exploring the possibilities of similar events and striving to unravel the truths behind these mysteries.

For the witnesses of that time, however, they may never know definitively what occurred. The event has become an indelible memory in their lives, and as time progresses, perhaps one day science will unveil the mysterious veil shrouding this historical episode. The story of the Westall UFO incident will continue to ignite human curiosity about the unknown, serving not only as a part of scientific inquiry but also as a testament to humanity’s exploration of the mysteries of the universe.

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