The terrible alien abductions happened in Alaska

Human abductions by aliens have always fascinated humankind right through history. No one knows for sure how true it is. However, there have been sporadic incidents of suspected human abductions by aliens. We are referring to the spate of unexplained incidents that happened in Alaska.

Dr Abigail Tyler recounts her experiences where she lost her husband as well as her daughter to suspected alien abductions. She herself is very much terrified during the counseling session in the video. There is no plausible explanation for the murder of her husband and daughter. There are camera recordings of the weird abduction in the two and a half minute video. Her husband looks terrified of something he has seen. He shouts at the top of his voice. Similar is the case with her daughter Ashley. Some strange being has actually lifted her from her bed. People may not believe but the camera cannot lie. There is something eerie in the video.

The counselor first does not believe her. However, she keeps on repeating the sequence of events unfolding before her eyes. She is in a state of absolute shock. She sincerely believes that she will get to see her child back. Nevertheless, dead men do not tell tales. It is a fact that she has lost her husband and child.

This is one such abduction. There has been many such reporting in Alaska, especially. There are certain things that science cannot explain in any way. This might just be one of them. There had been sightings of UFOs in that area especially around that very time. This strengthens her claim about the abduction of her husband and child.

There are aliens having better intellectual capacity than humans do. Even though this sounds cynical, you have to accept certain things as supernatural. No one can explain why aliens chose these humans to carry their experiments. However, humans cannot discount this possibility of the presence of aliens in outer space. We do not know much about our planet itself. How can you expect humans to know more about the other planets and heavenly bodies then?

terrible alien abductions happened in Alaska

Maybe this might be a divine way of saying that there is something beyond the comprehension of man. This might be the only explanation that we can give. This may not sound convincing to many people. Maybe, one day man might be able to solve this mystery of alien abductions and murders.