Top 20 Ancient Proof Of Aliens

While debunkers have been trying to refute the theories of the ancient aliens visiting our planet, there are numerous examples that prove the existence of aliens and their influence in the development of mankind in the fields of science, technology and engineering. Here are top 20 proofs that will support the ancient astronaut theory without leaving much scope for people to wonder if the theory is invalid or not.

All the proofs will help in establishing the fact that ancient man did come across a very technologically advanced and highly intelligent race which helped them big time to get developed. The proofs will prove that ancient man had encountered things in the past which is why they have mentioned about these things in their texts, drawings or artifacts.

(1) The presence of helicopter and modern day spacecraft in the hieroglyphic relief found on the walls of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos in Egypt.

Vimanas ancient aliens texts with flying crafts

(2) The carvings on the walls of the underground crypt at the Temple of Dendera in Egypt clearly show that the Egyptians used to work with electric bulbs thousands of years before it was being invented by Thomas Alva Edison.

Temple of Dendera in Egypt ancient aliens

(3) Hindu Sanskrit texts mention about flying crafts calls Vimanas which used to carry the Gods and come down from the skies. These scripts were written thousands of years back.

Hindu Sanskrit texts ancient aliens

(4) Ancient rock paintings bear alien like figures which are seen interacting with humans. These rock paintings were done quite a few thousand years ago.

Ancient Astronaut Theory Believes Aliens Than The Gods

(5) Many Medieval paintings bear a flying object that is seen flying in the sky with radiations coming out of it. ‘Madonna with Saint Giovannino’ is a classic example of such painting. These flying objects are a proof that UFOs are not sighted only in the recent times, but they have been a regular phenomenon over centuries.

Ancient UFO paintings at the Picture of Christ

(6) Sumerian pottery work bears the image of a being that has long hands, round eyes, bald head and wiggly structure. The figure which certainly does not look like a human was being carved into the vessel at least five thousand years back.

Sumerian pottery work Ancient aliens

(7) The Dogu statues of Japan have the appearances of non human beings and no one knows why the Japanese would sculpt such strange figurines amidst the statues of regular humans.

Dogu statues of Japan ancient aliens

(8) The Moai statues of Easter Island are an example of intricate stone carving and wonderful craftsmanship. The statues are so heavy that it seems almost impossible for ancient men to carry them to different parts of the island without super intelligent guidance that would have got only from the aliens.

Monuments and sites Ancient Astronaut Theory Proof

(9) The Great Pyramids of Egypt are an example of extremely advanced work of engineering, which was something that ancient man was not capable enough to develop on their own.

Top 10 Evidences Of The Ancient Astronaut Theory Proof

(10) The intricate carving and accurate placement of the huge blocks in the monuments of Puma Punku certainly makes it evident that an alien intelligence was put into effect to get such a task of high magnitude accomplished.

Puma Punku Ancient Civilizations Aliens

(11) Similar to the Pyramids, the monuments of Puma Punku, the Mayan Pyramids and many other megalithic sites across the world prove the presence of aliens and usage of their technology in the building of such colossal monuments.

Mayans Ancient Civilizations Aliens

(12) Small golden figures that resemble modern jet planes were found in the Inca civilization which dates thousands of years back.

The Ancient Aliens Debunked Through Artifacts

(13) The fireclay made Phaistos Disc the creation of which dates back to 2nd Millennium BC, bears strange symbols and figures which has not been deciphered by the best experts of the field. The Discs which are 6 inches in diameter point towards alien connection as all other symbols and codes that were made by ancient men have been deciphered so far.

fireclay made Phaistos Disc ancient aliens

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