What Is The “Alien Chestburster” And Why it Always shows In The Alien Movies ?

The Alien Chestburster is one of the various forms of the species Xenomorph XX121. To be precise, it is its infant form. In fact, it’s the third stage in the life cycle of the species Xenomorph. It is popular for its dreadful method of gestation. It’s implanted as an embryo into the chest cavity of a host by a Facehugger and when it matures, it erupts aggressively from the chest of the host. Its violent eruption kills the host in an extremely bloody and traumatic fashion.

Although more and larger examples have been seen, the most common Chestbursters are small. In fact, they are less than a foot tall and not more than two feet in length.

Features of Alien Chestburster

Alien Chestburster

Chestbursters bear a resemblance to large worms and they’re either beige or brown in color. They also have metallic teeth and to enable it to move in a considerable speed, the creature have a tail, which propels it. In few circumstances, the creatures have been seen to have arms while others have been seen to have small stubs from which the arms will eventually develop. There could be a possibility that a longer gestation period may be the reason the arms are present at birth. For instance, the Queen Chestbursters, which have a significantly longer gestation period, are always birth with their four arms present.

When the Chesterbuster is developing, it’s normally attached to the host through a small umbilical cord. It’s presumed that it is through this umbilical cord that the creature gets the nutrients, which are necessary for its growth. Since Xenomorph has a tendency as well as the ability to assimilate a considerable amount of its host’s genetic traits through the DNA Reflex, Chestbursters will as well differ extensively based on the lifeform in which each of them gestate. For instance, those Xenomorphs that are born from Yautja will be seen at birth to feature the mandibles of their host.

When the Chestburster is fully developed, it will release enzymes that are intended to soften the bone as well as the surrounding tissues of the chest cavity of its host in order to help its egress just before it finally forces itself out via the sternum. In few minutes prior to the event, the host experiences some discomfort such as mild chest pain, nausea and so on. The process of the actual birth begins with severe pains in the host’s chest and within seconds, the Chestburster exits violently and fatally. The birth process rips off the victim’s chest.

Why Chestburster always shows in the Alien Movies ?

The whole concept of the Chestburster in Alien movies is meant to present the viewers with the ultimate perversion of joyful birth. In fact, the birth of the Chestburster is intended to be the real time shocker of the Alien movie as the audience wonder of new life stained by the terrible death of the “mother” who is giving birth to it.

The Chestburster scene makes the audience to take further events as well as dangers seriously. In the absence of the scene, the chances that the whole film would be sunk is very high, which might make the viewers take further events and dangers very lightly.

Again, the Chestburster scene creates real fear in the audience by making them physically uneasy.

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