Top 10 Evidences Proof of Aliens Living Among Us

Alien Secrets Of The Dulce Base Nightmare Hall Level 6

(6) As per Phil Schneider, former US Government Geologist and engineer, there is an underground base near Dulce in New Mexico, which has seven levels with each level being the home for various type alien experimentations. As per Schneider, this underground base, that is infamous as the Dulce Base houses many aliens who are living humans and carrying out different experimentations on the species.

Ancient evidences

Top 10 Alien Cave Drawings Proof The Existence Of Aliens

(7) There are many cave drawings where alien like figures are seen alongside figures that can be identified as humans. The fact that the ancient men had drawn aliens and humans together proves that the alien beings lived among humans in ancient times.

Vimanas ancient aliens texts with flying crafts

(8) The famous Abydos helicopter hieroglyphic panel in the temple of Seti I in Egypt has inscriptions of futuristic vehicles like the helicopter, spaceship, and gliders which prove that these objects were available in those times and that aliens were there living amongst humans in the ancient era.

Other evidences

Axis and Allied pilots UFO

(9) During World War II, both Axis and Allied pilots reported of glowing objects flying alongside them over the Pacific and European theatres of operation. These UFOs which was called as Foo fighters by the Allied American pilots would travel at high speed and would maneuver smoothly in the air and would take sharp bends at high speed, which was not possible for any craft operated by humans.

Jim Templeto

(10) Former firefighter Jim Templeton had taken a snap of his daughter while the family had gone out for a picnic in 1964. The girl is seen holding a bunch of flowers in her hand, but at the background is seen a man in white space suit like dress. The man was nowhere in close vicinity when the photo was taken, which made Jim Templeton believe that they had captured an alien who was invisibly among them at that point of time.

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  1. this evidence has led me to believe that i am in fact an alien living among humans because i am tall and Danish, and i too have drawn a helicopter. can you offer any suggestions?

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