Top 10 Different Types Of Alien Species On Earth

Sighting of aliens have been reported by hundreds of people over the last one hundred years from different parts of the world. As per collective studies of all these reports, it is being calculated that there are as many as 82 different types of aliens that are being seen on earth! Here is a brief description about the top 10 different types of aliens that have been spotted on earth.

Type 1 : Zeta Reticulans or Grey Aliens

Zeta Reticulans or Greys Aliens

The most common type of aliens that are being seen across the globe by people of all ages is the zeta reticulan type, which is also commonly referred to as the ‘Greys’. These extraterrestrial beings are typically 3-4 feet tall and have large almond shaped black eyes. Their head is much larger than a regular human’s head and they have no noses, but only nostrils. Their arms are usually longer that has not more than three to four fingers. It is the Zeta reticulans who are thought to be the main culprits behind most human abductions.

Type 2 : Little green men

Little green men Aliens

Another common type of alien is the little green men that have been reported to have been sighted by different people in different places. These types of extraterrestrials are humanoid creatures with a greenish skin color and their bodies are devoid of any hair. Some of the little green men have been reported to have antennas on their heads, which are much larger than a regular human head.

Type 3 : Nordic Aliens

Nordic aliens

The Nordics would look just like humans and they would have long blonde hair that would be maintained by both male aliens as well as the female ones. These aliens are not identifiable even if they walk among a crowd. The only way to identify them is when they manifest some of their extraterrestrial activities. These aliens usually have angular faces with blue eyes. The females of the Nordic alien type have a high sex appeal.

Type 4 : Pleiadian Aliens

Pleiadians aliens

The aliens of the Pleiadian type are characterized by round faces and tall figure and the rest of the features are soft but detailed. The overall appearance of the Pleiadians is a very pleasant one and although they do not have hair usually, but if someone has any hair on the heads, the hair is blonde colored. These aliens are known to be very gentle and peace loving by nature.

Type 5 : Andromedan Aliens

Andromedans Aliens

You would mistake the Andromedan aliens to be humans, as they look almost like humans, with the only difference being in their overall size. These aliens are bipedal energy beings who can read the minds of humans by means of telepathy.

Type 6 : Reptilians Aliens

Reptilian Aliens

Another very common type of aliens is the reptilians who are tall and have scales over their humanoid body structure. These aliens would have webbed feet and would look more or less like a reptile when you see them for the first time.

Type 7 : Alpha Draconian

Alpha Draconian

The most corrupt, hostile and vicious type of aliens are the alpha draconian. These aliens are believed to have come from Alpha Draconis and are characterized by giant reptilian features. These aliens are about 14 to 22 feet tall and weigh approximately 1800 pounds or more. They believe themselves to be the rightful owners of the humans who are lesser evolved beings as per their standards.

Type 8 : Sirians Aliens

sirians aliens

The Sirians are those types of aliens that in spite of having a humanoid structure prefer to live around in the water. These aquatic aliens are mostly found in oceans and lakes where there is huge depth. They are known to have come from Sirius B Star system.

Type 9 : Anunnaki Aliens

Anunnaki aliens

The ancient Sumerians used to worship the Anunnaki as their god. The Anunnaki is nothing but aliens that had visited the planet of earth around four thousand years ago with the intention of enslaving humans to carry out farm work with them. The Anunnaki aliens look exactly like humans, but they are slightly larger than the aliens, with average height being 8-9 feet. These aliens are believed to have come from Nibiru, the twelfth planet in our solar system, which lies beyond Pluto and is yet to be discovered.

Type 10 : Arcturian Aliens

Arcturian aliens

The arcturians are usually four to five feet tall with large heads and blue skin. The rest of their bodies are highly disproportionate. These types of aliens are believed to be the most ancient race of the entire Milky Way Galaxy and they are considered to be very intelligent, experienced and innovative.

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  1. I’ve been abducted.I have 4 implants.I had xrays done.I have pics of aliens and the ufo.I can send pics to prove my story is real.I need implants removed and would lie to sell.if anybody can help pls text 901-230-2349. My name is Billee Michael.I swear this is so fucking true.pls give me the chance to show u it’s real.thank u

    1. billee
      can you email me I would love to liaise with you about this as Iam an investigative reporter, best, Suzi

  2. I have always believed in aliens and now I have concrete evidence of my own that they do exist and they do visit us! I am a huge believer in the paranormal and I do talk to spirits through EVP. July 26, 2017 early morning I was doing an EVP session like usual, just talking to my spirits here like normal. Not thinking or knowing that something other than human spirits would answer one of my questions. As some of my family and friends spirits hang around here, I am sure they live with me to so we will be closer. I asked the question “do you like living here?” and a few seconds later I hear an aliens voice simply just say one word “friendly”!! I don’t know whether they were announcing themselves as friendly or saying that I was friendly (which I am of course) and I don’t know what kind they were but I have a feeling they might have been the greys. I didn’t see them though. So they must have invisibility abilities! True story y’all!

  3. Both bible and aliens are true what many don’t realizes is the worlds true name is Eden and it was the aliens who called them selves watchers who corrupted the world taking wives for themselves being worshiped as Gods. A demon is an alien soul hell bent on destroying all who would appose their rule over mankind.

  4. I recently have seen one alien with eyes that shine like a stop sine.Then rings of lights around there eyes. Acted like children playing peekaboo. I’ve also seen the green one’s lately.I thought for years someone was screwing with me.So fooled was I.Bigfoot was and is predominant sametime.

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