The truth of Roswell Alien Autopsy video

In August 1995, a black-and-white documentary of alien bodies recorded an alien autopsy by the U.S. military scientists after the Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in July 1947. This film was broadcasted respectively in the UK, France, Italy, the United States, Germany and other 44 countries television for the first time. The documentary has now been proved to be a hoax, but has caused a stir in the world at that time. According to the publisher of this documentary “Alien autopsy” ,Ray Santillilli, declared that he was paid $100,000, and got this film from an 82- year-old American retired photographer exclusively.

After a decade of research of a British writer and the UFO researchers , Philip Mantel, they think British television special technicians, British TV celebrity John Humphreys are one of the main suspects of fraud who created “Alien autopsy”, but their doubts was denied by John himself.

Did the aliens of the Roswell UFO incident been imprisoned in the area 51

Using sheep brain and chicken intestine to make the “aliens”, however, John suddenly broadcasted to the media to admit that the English writer Mantel’s doubt, and he is just one of the “alien autopsy” black and white film forger! John said, the fake black-and-white documentary was filmed in an apartment in Camden area, London in 1995. John also said he played a main surgeon in the black and white film of “alien autopsy”, and the “aliens” lying on the table is actually a rubber model with sheep brain, chicken intestine and brain purchased from the Smithfield meat market. John said he spent almost four weeks to made this clay and rubber “alien”.

However, the issuer of the “alien autopsy” film, Santilli still defended, he said he did get it from the hand of the U.S. military retired photographer and bought a real “alien autopsy” original film, and the film was just hiding in a sealed cans for 48 years, when it suddenly exposed to air, suffered serious damage. Santilli, insisted that they are based on the original film to copy created the “alien autopsy” events. Santilli, said: “we tell John the alien precise shape, and he was a pure genius that he made an alien model can indeed real ones.” Two forgers who filmed the alien autopsy is a big lie. A film is only about 30 minutes long to the segment of the alien autopsy, had once made a global upsurge of alien, but today the two men finally confessed this so-called aliens fragments turned out to be cooked up in the big scheme.


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  1. Hidden worlds are all around us, influencing our minds – using us as hosts for their killer diseases. Crazy? Unbelievable? – But true whether we can believe it or not……….time will tell, and even then it will be too difficult to believe and too late to do anything about it!

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