The most horrible alien abduction in the human history

Man has always believed that there are extraterrestrial species in outer space. No one might have seen them. However, certain incidents do point out to the presence of such extraterrestrial intelligence. We shall focus our attention to a particular case of abduction in Guarapiranga river range in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1994.

The police authorities found the mutilated body of a man in the Guarapiranga reservoir. Normally such murders are commonplace all over the world. However, what stands out is the degree of perfection in the mutilation. The investigation revealed surgical extraction of specific parts of the body such as left eye, tongue, and left ear, parts of the rectum canal, sexual organs, and the area around the groin. The body was devoid of any blood. There was no trace of any blood on the ground or in the surrounding areas.

The local police had never seen such a dastardly crime in their lives. The autopsy revealed that the person died of a heart attack suggesting that he might have been alive at the time of extraction of the body parts. What were baffling investigators and researchers was level of precision and expertise backed by technology not in existence at that time. The extraction suggested use of lasers to make the incisions. It also opened up the possibility of using suction cups to suck out the internal organs.

Which human or human agency would require these parts? This is difficult to comprehend. There is no explanation for the barbaric act. The only plausible explanation is the involvement of aliens who do not have any regard to human feelings at all. Maybe, this might be a case of involvement of alien robots. No one has seen them and hence it is difficult to explain the rationale behind such a crime.

abduction in Guarapiranga river range in Sao Paulo

However, you can draw parallels between this murder and the murder of various cattle in the 1970s and 1980s. The similarity is in the nature of removal of the vital organs and sucking of the entire blood without leaving any trace. These deaths being cattle deaths did not attract world attention at that time. However, on investigating the death of this person at Guarapiranga, researchers have drawn parallels between the various similar incidents.

This give rise to the belief that there may be a world beyond our planet and whoever it might be; it does not seem friendly enough.

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