Russian UFO Incident : 4 UFOs Appeared In The Moscow Sky

In January this year, the Russian man named Timur captured four unidentified objects, the synchronous flight they glowed with different light hovering over the city in Moscow.
“There were four lighting balls in the sky, a red on the left, two white in the middle, and there is a slightly dark light on the right side, sometimes it will disappear for a while and then appeared.” Timur described, these lighting balls posing for a diamond in the sky. Someone had suspected that were the UFO ‘s lights reflected on the ground. Timur said, “I have lived in this place for two years, and have never seen such a situation”.

This video has hundreds of people’s views, one of them named Vadim Chernobrov, Russian UFO enthusiasts, think the video is authentic. He said the light could not be interpreted as the image of the atmosphere or in outer space. They also do not like a mirage, because the light body is made up of a precise geometry. Some people say that they look like Chinese lanterns, but from the perspective of the speed of mobile is impossible.
Russia seems to be the alien’s favorite place. Not long ago, the Russian man called Mikhail Litvinov also issued a similar video on the Internet, claiming captured UFOs over the Kemerovo suburb. Its tail dragging a long white line, and the object is shaped like a giant “cigars” not a “saucer” as usual. This period of the video got thousands of people views. Many people believe that the object speed too slow, can’t be a meteor, in addition, the white smoke behind it too much, also don’t like the plane.