Evidences To Prove The Alien Megastructures’ Existence

Alien Megastructures have been seen several times since man first looked into the skies and over the years, scientists have been collecting evidences to prove their existence. Here are some of the signs that prove their existence.

Ancient Signs of Modern Technology

The signs that modern technology had existed before can be seen in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which shows images that resembles modern technology such as a helicopter, submarine boat and even jet airplane. According to scientists, Egyptian Hieroglyphics is a clear sign that in the ancient times, aliens had visited the ancient Egyptians and they arrived in their advanced technology, which left behind many stories that ancestors could tell for many years. Lately, it has made an interesting discovery for scientists.

Napoleon’s Micro Chip

It was a big shock when scientists discovered a foreign object, which was half-inch long, embedded inside the skeletal remains of one of the former great French rulers, Napoleon Bonaparte. The presence of the foreign object goes hand-in-hand with the story by Bonaparte himself that he had been abducted and held prisoner unwillingly by some strange group of men. He told the story when he came back after he disappeared for many days in July 1794.


Over the years now, the number of near-collision involving several commercial airlines as well as UFOs has been growing larger. One instance occurred when a senior pilot and his first officer were flying into Manchester airport when they claimed to have seen a strange object, which was delta-shaped, heading towards their direction.

They had planned what to do and just when they wanted to divert in order to avoid the craft, the large object disappeared. Similar incidents have been reported by many pilots and for proof, these encounters are normally caught on FAA audio tape, which can be heard clearly.

Jupiter’s Moon

A 2001 study and many others show that Jupiter’s red moon, Europa might be having frozen red bacteria. Even though bacterial are microscopic organisms, they are a proof of the existence of life in space.

The Venus Scorpion

The Venus Scorpion is an image that was taken from a Soviet exploration on Venus by one of the most popular Russian Scientist called Leonid Ksanfomaliti. It’s actually a scorpion-like life form that is living on the space. The image of the Venus Scorpion remains the only one that has been sent back to earth that proves the existence of alien megastructure since 1982.

The Battle of Los Angeles

On February 24, 1942, many reports that claimed of having spotted a UFO came to a local Los Angeles air base. They actually thought that there might be a repeat of Japanese airstrike, which had attacked Pearl Harbor some years back.

They then responded to the reports by sending searchlights and within no time, they found the aircraft. It became interesting when the unidentified object was hit several times with anti-aircraft fire but nothing seemed to happen to it. After sometimes, it disappeared into the night and since then, it has never been seen again.