Are the Aliens Really Having the Scary “Alien Chestburster?”

The Alien is simply an imaginary endoparasitoid extraterrestrial arthropodal species, which is the main antagonist of the Alien films. In more often than not, the Alien is referred to as Xenomorph. To answer the question as to whether Aliens have the scary Chestburster, you need to understand the life cycle of the Aliens.

The Life Cycle Of Aliens

The life cycle of Aliens comprises many distinct stages. First, Aliens begin their life just as an egg. The egg then hatches a parasitoid larval form that is called facehugger. The facehugger will attach itself to a living host. Just as its name suggests, the facehugger attaches itself through latching onto the face of the living host. At this stage, the audience become scared because the attachment of the huger to the living host is scary partly because it’s horrible and partly because almost any living thing can be its host including human beings whether male or female. In this case, the parasitoid host might be as small as a cat and at the same time, it can be as big as an elephant.

The facehugger “impregnates” its host with an embryo, which is known as chestburster, which upon maturity erupts violently ripping off the chest of the host and thereby killing it almost immediately. Are you still asking whether it’s scary? Well, if you’ve never watched the Alien film series, then you should and I bet you’ll get really scared by the chestburster scene.

After the birth of the chestburster, it matures to an adult phase; it sheds its skin and then replaces its cells with polarized silicon.

The Alien Chestburster

When you watch the Alien film, you’ll note that after successful implantation, the facehugger dies. After which, the embryo of the host wakes up after sometimes and there are no significant signs of negative symptoms. This actually brings a relief to the audience though there is still uncertainty about the “baby”. However, after implantation, the host experiences a mild amnesia but after sometimes, the symptoms start to build rapidly. The most common symptoms seen in Alien film series include sore throat as well as slight nausea and increasing hunger.

Once the alien chestburster is planted in the host’s embryo, death becomes the only obvious thing that will follow. This is because the chestburster drains nutrients from the body of its host. In that way, it develops a placenta that allows it to attach itself to many organs during the process of its growth. The placenta possesses cancerous qualities that make it impossible for the organs to survive even if the embryo is removed surgically. In fact, the placenta will shut down all the major organs that it is attached to causing the death of the host. Actually, this fact is one of the scariest to the audience.

At the time of its birth, the chestburster is about 30 cm in length but it undergoes rapid growth and reaches an adult size after very few hours. In Alien, the adult chestburster was about 2 meters in height when the Nostromo crew found it again.

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  1. Hello folks. I had this shit in home in December of 2017. I am a truthseeker from Poland, the guy who popularized Phil Schneider in Europe & Russia, the one who discovered alien being spreading itself via YT video and currently on the frontline agains invisible entities messing up with human thoughts. This is probably the reason, why the archonts tried to kill me. I saw three aliens, as they came in pack: little grey – was running away and hiding. It had left a facehugger in my room, that I later killed accidentially and found smelly skeleton some weeks later. It had climbed on my face once during my sleep, but I thought it was a quilt or a book, so I did not open my eyes, just thrown it off my head. I saw Xenomorph too, but it was one foot size (around 14cm). It was even more stealth and silent than on a movie, running away and making sound like choking or laughing in a metallic way. I thought it was my imagination, but then I was informed by government’s services that it was real stuff and that my life is in danger. I have also information, that there is invisible astral spider living in my room, feeding off my aura sometimes. Those spiders are neutral to humans and not our enemies, it is better to have a spider than worse being, of more dark nature, feeding off your emotions. Those were all real facts & proved by video recordings, but now a less certain hypothesis about “comeback of Xenomorph” to my place:
    Some time later, it came back (first escaped through the window, when I killed facehugger, that I was not even aware of). Xenomorph was then size of 3 feet, or about 45cm. It came out from the corner of my room, looking at me and preparing to attack. I was looking like “wtf is there in the shadow..?!”. And then – this is my hypothesis – that invisible, huge spider came forward to my defense, scaring alien assasin – so it has left again and was killed by a car, like I was told later. But those are uncertain facts, in contrary to those I had listed firstly. Thank you for your attention and take care, this was not a joke, if you see little grey alien in your place – check all the warm places in home for the facehuggers and fairy-sized Xenomorphs (they have this ridiculous size if not planted in human) they tend to stay in spots of high temperature or full of electric wires. Greetings from Poland, my friends

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