5 Evidences Debunked The Underwater Crop Circles

The seven foot diameter patterned circles that were discovered on the ocean floor off the coast of Japan in 1995 are termed as the underwater crop circles by many. Like the on-field crop circles, these underwater crop circles has also been very mysterious, as no one know that how these got built and people associated the creation of these patterned underwater circles with aliens. However, scientific studies of these circles have revealed that these are hoaxes and man-made circles. Here are five such evidences that will debunk the underwater crop circles.

(1) By the beginning of the 21st century it was discovered that the creators of the underwater crop circles were a new species of puffer fish. The small puffer fishes were found to be making these circle patterns on the ocean floor to attract their mating partners. The fin flapping of the male puffer fishes as they swim across the seafloor results in disrupted sediments and creation of amazing circular patterns. The female fishes would inspect the patterns and if they liked the pattern, that is when they would go ahead with the reproduction process with the male puffer fish.

Underwater crop circles pufferfish

(2) Looking at the huge size of the underwater circular patterns it might look that the patterns are made by fishes that quite big in size. The reality, however, is that the patterns are made by puffer fishes which are very small in size and do not have a length of anything more than a couple of inches.

Underwater Crop Circles Fish

(3) Various underwater crop circles are found as the males do not use the same circle for more than once for the mating purpose. The underwater patterns are being maintained by the male puffer fish till the time the mating process is done. Once the mating is over and the eggs are hatched, the fishes would abandon the patterned nest and move on to building a new one.

(4) Researchers who have studied the work of puffer fish have it recorded with them that the males take about seven to nine days to finish each underwater crop circle. They create the circles by constantly swimming and an out of the circles while they dig the valleys in the sandy floor with the fins.

(5) As per researchers, the aesthetics of the circular patterns are very important as that would decide on whether the female puffer fish would agree to get into a mating session with the male or not. The male fishes are found to decorate the peaks of the circular patterns with fragments of shells and corals.

Underwater Crop Circles Debunked

People who had tried to describe the underwater crop circles with activities involving the aliens would need to understand that there is zero involvement of anything extraterrestrial behind the creation of the underwater crop circles. These circular patterns that are about six to eight feet wide are nothing but the artistic work of the puffer fishes so that they can attract a female fish and mate with her and these fishes pretty much belong from the earth only.

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