10 Ways Of How To Contact Aliens Telepathically

If you want to establish contact with the super intelligent beings from the outer space, you would possibly be thinking what should be the mode of communication. Your intergalactic friends would certainly not know English or any other language that is spoken on this planet. So there has to be some other mode of communication.

From the firsthand accounts of victims of alien abduction, like Betty and Barney Hill, abductees of the Allagash waterway abduction case and many more, it is learned that aliens use telepathic means to establish contact with humans. While that solves one puzzle of how to communicate, it opens doors to another challenge. What needs to be done so that aliens can be contacted telepathically? You certainly cannot do that while sitting in a crowded coffee shop sipping on a hot cup of mocha. Here are 10 ways of contacting aliens by means of telepathy.

Contact Aliens Telepathically

Getting yourself prepared

(1) Meditation – To get indulged into any form of telepathic communication, it is very important that the mind is at peace. The best way to attain peace of mind is to try meditation for a good number of hours daily.

(2) Breath work – You need to have full control over your breathe by means of different Yoga techniques. By being able to control the breather you would develop the central nervous system which will allow you to accommodate higher frequencies of energy.

(3) Staying healthy – It is very important to maintain your physical health, as telepathic communications with the aliens are something that is very stressful for the mind and the body. A healthy body is the gateway to a peaceful mind.

(4) Have a proper diet – This will ensure that you stay healthy. There are certain food items that lower the capability to absorb higher frequencies in the body. You would need to avoid them.

Ways to establish contact

How To Contact Aliens Telepathically

Now that you are prepared psychologically and physically for an encounter with the extraterrestrials, it is time to establish contact with them. Here are some ways.

(1) Believe firmly that you have the abilities to be contacted with aliens. Believe in their existence as you believe in your existence. While trying to contact the extraterrestrials, think of them and only them.

(2) Do not get distracted by anything else. To avoid any type of mental distraction, you should walk into a lonely field or some isolated place at night where there will be no one by you and your attempts to establish telepathic contact with the aliens.

(3) Do not hold any false thoughts about the aliens. Do not let the fear of ‘what will they do with me’ in your mind. Clear up your mind from these distracting thoughts and think only about the people who are traveling hundreds of light-years to establish contact with you.

(4) Dress properly so that you are not distracted by the cold weather out there in the fields. If you shiver with the chill, your mind would never be able to converge at the thoughts of the aliens.

(5) You can try playing some spiritual or meditative music on your mobile or iPod which would be gentle to hear and will bring the mind at peace more easily.

(6) Pay attention to the objects in the sky. A cloud or star that looks unusual could be the much awaited spaceship that you had been yearning to see. Be mentally ready to start your telepathic communication with the occupants.

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  2. Extraterrestrial civilizations communicate with us by probability transduction communication. We can communicate with them by using a radionic machine. For us they use the serial numbers of the Kang Xi radicals. Probability transduction communication is faster than light. You can make your own radionic machine. Take old radio parts, like capacitors, inductive coils, etc., and wire them in a circuit, in any order, with a sampling cup, and, a rubbing plate. Number zero through nine around the knobs. Setting this circuit in a structure to hold it completes this, your radionic machine. Now, as you rub the rubbing plate, turn the knobs. When your fingers stick to the rubbing plate, that is a number of your message. Taking two numbers at a time, those numbers now presented are the serial numbers of the appropriate Kang Xi radicals. Copy them down. And, continuing doing this, you will accumulate the components of a message to you. There is your message. To answer back, one by one, leave your dials on the appropriate numbers of the Kang Xi radicals corresponding to what you want to say. When you are through with your message, you may again rub your rubbing plate as you turn your knobs to receive another message; and on and on. The sampling cup is used to draw you to the probability timeline where what you symbolize on a paper put in your sampling cup becomes your reality. Go for it.

  3. I didn’t have a radionic machine, but one day I saw UFO’s in a clear blue sky. That night I had a vision while asleep. It is a little more complicated than I can say here, but eventually in my vision I looked at a drawing I had made. It showed what I thought to be a man with a round face. The picture was different than “photographic art” in that it was very simple but conveyed ideas. Then something spoke to me. The words were I love you. I thought the aliens had tried to say I love you as in I love all people of earth. But later I actually met a second cousin I’d never met before. His face was so much like the simple drawing I had made. We started talking and he started saying goodbye on every call with I love you. At this time, after reading your comments, I think the communication I received was actually about something that would happen in my future, and it did happen. But the vision and the words I heard that night were absolutely from aliens. I feel they were communicating with me.

  4. I believe and aliens and I believe I’ve been contacted I always feel like I don’t belong here I feel like I’m a part of another alien breed I wish I could know more about this and have a contact with aliens I believe I have a lot in common with them and I would get along with them the way I feel everyday things happened different I predict things all the time everytime I look at a clock it’s something 11 like it would be three and it actually 3:11 all the time different numbers always something ending with 11 I was feel a strong contact I need the government to know that I know everything and I have a bigger agenda in my life and a part of what’s going on

  5. I can tell you ever since I was 2 and I had a bad accident I was dead for 6.5 mins and ever since then I’ve bn able to see and sense things and I can tell you that yes aliens are real and they are here the ones you hope you never see or come in contact with are they tall skinny ones those are the ones that are mean and ruthless the shorter ones are nice and friendly but I’ve known they’ve been here for a very I don’t know how I know that I just do I wish I could see or speak to one there were 2 little aliens that was alive from the 1947 crash and there’s only a presidents that ever knew about the truth about area 51 and president Kennedy knew sometimes I see things from the past I wish someone from area 51 would contact me I could describe some of the rooms and hallways there

  6. I need help. I have been troubled by certain events all my life; I have seen many unusual transportation vehicles in the skies. I have experienced pretty much non-stop attacks by things seen and unseen, I have awoken in ICU more times than I want to count. In speech I am usually misunderstood and therefore denied all I search for which till recently has been human companionship, among other lesser desires. I have had bad experiences with money, usually ending in poverty & months ago I experienced an attack by a stranger, a stranger in that moment. Pounded in the head uncountable times for I wavered in and out of consciousness, I experienced what I would describe, has been described to me as a new portal opening. For months I was relentlessly bombarded by data before I was able to control it by travelling in my mind and finding what I call the control room. As I close my eyes I seem to travel thru space, around planets and other celestial objects. I have sought professional help thru shrinks, each times I usually get pity, an offer of help. The unaware docs are less forgiving. I spent almost 2 decades in prison for what I might describe as trying to end my life, I would say I tried to fool God as it were, attempting to die by accident. Unfortunately the means I chose were seen as against the laws. Prison was an interesting experience. I saw horrible things, tried to help, helping in prison I discovered was and is not conducive to Parole. I finally was release 25 years ago, never went back. I never hurt anyone but myself. My life was in jeopardy most of the time there for speaking the truth, I have learned that humans do not appreciate the truth but that does not seem to stop me from relating truth as I perceive it. Perception, as u r aware, is a challenging issue. I have no idea why I am writing to you, perhaps only to hear words I can relate to. Perhaps comfort, a concept I am somewhat alien to. All my life have I sought a companion, only recently, perhaps thru trauma, accepting that is not my fate. I have been told spirits surround me. I have people walking up to me saying they are angels and prophets. I have experienced what I call miracles. I run into people who speak to me then disappear. None of this is imagined , I am not delusional, most can be verified through outside, independent witness. I have died a few times, been revived. I have awoken in ICU more times than I want to count. Something has tried to take me many times. I have been told I have a purpose that darkness want to stop me from fulfilling. I am not sure what to think.

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