10 Things That The Ancient Aliens Guy Taught Us

There have been many proponents of the ancient astronaut theory and many believers of the fact that we are not alone in the universe and that our friends or foes from the other galaxies have been paying visits to our planet for thousands of years. Of all such proponents, it is the ‘Ancient Aliens Guy’ or Giorgio A. Tsoukalos who has been able to make his ideas reach across the mass by means of various programs (“Ancient Aliens” being the most famous one) that got aired on television over the last few years.

Things taught by the ancient aliens guy

Things That The Ancient Aliens Guy Taught Us

Irrespective of you believe in them or not, but there are many things that can be learned from Tsoukalos regarding ancient aliens and their connection with mankind.

(1) Obviously, the first learning that is being given by Tsoukalos, the ancient aliens are that aliens have been visiting planet Earth since thousands of years and they are still continuing with their habit of visiting the planet even in modern times.

(2) Ancient aliens shared their technological skills with an ancient man to help them progress in the field of science and technology. This is more explained by the sudden boom in technology thousands of years back as a result of which man could build huge structures and monuments like the Pyramids and Sumerian architecture.

(3) Mathematics, astronomy, agriculture as we know them in the current times is actually being taught to humans by ancient aliens who gave a push to the human civilization to make it more modern than being primitive.

(4) Large and high monuments of the past were built by means of acoustic levitation that was taught by the aliens.

(5) Humans are not able to see the aliens owing to extraterrestrial technology that is being used by the aliens which make them invisible to human eyes. This is in lines with the Fermi’s paradox that talks about the probability of the existence of intelligent species on some other planet in some other galaxy.

(6) There are nothing called Gods. Whatever mentioning of creatures with divine power is found in various texts and scriptures basically refer to aliens who came down not from the skies but from other planets.

(7) Extraterrestrials had tampered the human DNA thousands of years back and hence the modern day human being is basically a hybrid of humans and extraterrestrials.

(8) Aliens knew the art of artificial insemination by means of which they could make women capable of bearing babies with having any physical relation with a man. This theory is being tried to be proved by citing the story of Lamech and Betenos, the parents of Noah where Betenos becomes pregnant without having any relationship with Lamech.

(9) Modern achievements can be compared to stories of the ancient past. This proves that what mankind has achieved over all these years has been taught to them since ancient times and it is with that knowledge that modern achievements are met.

(10) All the accounts of the extraterrestrials point to one thing which is that the extraterrestrials will come back. It is not sure that when the return of the extraterrestrials will happen, but it is for sure that they will come back.