Top 20 Proof Of Aliens On Earth

(11) Niaux caves of France have some of the most intriguing cave drawings that would remind you of flying saucers and nothing else.

french alien apaceship cave drawings

(12) Two humanoids are seen wearing some sort of suits in a cave drawing that dates back to circa 10,000 BC. These cave drawings are found in Valcamonica in Italy.

cave drawings in Valcamonica

Proof in religious and ancient texts

A good number of religious and ancient texts have mentioned about creatures that came down from the skies in flying vehicles and educated mankind with various technologies. These super intelligent creatures who were believed to be Gods are actually aliens that came from outer space. Here are some references.

(13) Hindu religious texts talk about the ‘Vimanas’ which were flying crafts and carried the gods from the heavens to the earth. These vimanas can be nothing else but space shuttles which were used by aliens to visit the earth.

Vimanas UFO carry God

(14) The Book of Ezekiel mentions about a flying chariot and four strange creatures that had four faces, one of a man, one of n eagle, one of an ox and one of a lion.

book of ezekiel four faced

Firsthand accounts of alien encounters

There are numerous firsthand accounts of real life alien encounters which prove that aliens are very much present on earth as much as they are present in intergalactic planets.

(15) Herbert Hopkins, a hypnotist and a doctor by profession was visited by a man dressed in black suit sometime in September, 1976. The man had no lips and he had applied lipstick to give the impression of lips and he was talking in monotonous robotic manner. The man appeared at his door right after the doctor spoke to him over phone and after the discussion was over, the man disappears almost instantly.

Herbert Hopkins man in black

(16) Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire were abducted and taken aboard a spaceship where they were subjected to a number of medical tests and physical examinations. The whole event of abduction had gone off their mind and they could recall it only when they underwent regressive hypnosis sessions.

Betty and Barney Hill The UFO Incident (1975)

(17) Peter Khoury, a Lebanese Australian had an encounter with two alien female figures who had conjugal relationship with him forcibly. The event happened in 1992 and Khoury could recover some hair strands of the aliens that were subjected to DNA tests, to reveal that the DNA structures were unlike human structures.

Peter Khoury alien encounter

Alleged alien bases

There are many places which are thought to be alleged alien bases in the surface of earth. Some of these bases are in remote locations, and some are right in the middle of military locations. The government refutes the existence of such bases, but as per eye witnesses, these are certainly there and prove the existence of aliens on earth.

(18) Underground vaults of Area 51 are allegedly alien bases where the staff is a mixed bag of aliens and humans. Area 51 is a military testing ground that is located in the middle of deserts in Nevada.

Area 51 base

(19) There are 7 layers of building in an underground base at Dulce, commonly referred to as the Dulce Base in New Mexico that serves as a secret experimental ground operated jointly by aliens and the federal government. Each of these layers is being used by aliens to carry out various experiments on humans.

Alien Secrets Of The Dulce Base Nightmare Hall Level 6

(20) The Zhitkur Base in Russia is believed to be the home of a number of secret alien operations that are being carried out.

Underground base of Zhitkur Base in Russia

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