Top 20 Nordic Aliens Facts

(11) Fact about their brain

The brain of Nordic looks similar to that of the human brain but is certainly harder and even 0.2 mm thicker.

(12) Location of the heart

In compared to human beings, the heart of this alien is located in the same place where the liver of human beings is located. This is certainly one of the main reasons due to which the cartilage 3.5cm larger than that of the humans.

(13) Capacity of their lungs

The lung size of these aliens is larger than that of the humans and besides this their blood has the capability to carry larger amount of blood in an efficient way.

(14) Moisture penetration

Nordic Aliens Fact

According to resources, it has been found that Nordic aliens do not have sweat glands and thereby the moisture gets penetrated through their skin.

(15) Type of Urine they excrete

They generally excrete thick urine which looks similar to that of crude oil.

(16) Heart beat rate

The rate of heart beat of Nordic aliens is around 242 times per minute. Besides this, they have an average blood pressure of 40 diastolic and 80 systolic.

(17) Pregnancy details

The female Nordic aliens have the capability to get pregnant at any time during the year but the male aliens have the ability to inseminate only once in a year.

(18) Physiology of the Nordic

The physiology of the Nordic aliens certainly depends upon the condition and even environment in which they have grown up.

(19) Do they abduct humans?

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According to resources, it has been found that around 25% of total abduction cases by aliens are done by the Nordic aliens.

(20) Do they have connection with Angels?

It has been found that these aliens have some sort of connections with the Angels of Western religion.

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  1. IF I met an alien as gorgeous as the female one at the very top of this page she could take me any time lol!

  2. hi , im 6 feet 2 inch tall and weigh almost 90 kilograms i have a big skull but only have 28 teeth as my jaws are smaller than humans ……am i an alien possibly a nordic !

  3. dear nordic alien females can you help make my body strong again so can live on my own again instead of a group home please and thank you. oh i almost forgot can i date one of you from tommy beckwith my address is 7358 high bridge terrace fayetteville ny. 13066 u.s.a. im an american white guy i love all you aliens you are the best please can you abduct me, thank you. ps. i hope you all have a good life anywere in any universe or any dimention please email me back at this email

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