Top 15 Arcturian Aliens Facts

(6) Reproduction: There is a very special way for a new life to come on Arcturus. Reproduction is considered as a sacred profession on the planet. It takes place through the linking of mind in which male and female energies are balanced. Then the electron force flow takes place and a new life form takes place.

(7) Arcturian Starships: Arcturians are always able to protect earth from negative forces due to these starships only. Starship Athena is the starship that encircles the earth and protects it.

(8) There is no competition on Arcturus and success is measured in the terms of light frequency as to how many vibrational frequencies are manifested by an individual.

(9) They have the mental ability to absorb information hundred times faster than the average human being on earth and that is the reason they don’t use computers.

(10) They exist in fourth and fifth dimensions which makes them different from all other aliens and that is the reason the Earth’s frequency is so harsh for them.

(11) They exist all over the universe on every planet and in every country to educate humanity and for spiritual enlightenment.

Arcturian Aliens Facts 2

(12) They communicate with humans in a very special way through dreams where human access heir subconscious mind.

(13) Elders govern the Arcturian society who are people with exceptional intellect, advanced knowledge and higher vibrational frequencies.

(14) They are able to travel through time.

(15) They have the ability to use geometry, color and sound vibrations to change time, states and atmosphere.

Arcturians are patrolling in heavenly skies and will always do the same until the complete human race is ready to witness the truths of the universe and reality of aliens. Though there are many reasons to believe that aliens are not a myth, there is still a lot to be explored for complete evidences.

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