Top 10 UFO Sightings In 2015

UFO sightings has been an ongoing activity since the since ancient times with the first recorded UFO sighting dating back to 214 BCE. With passing time, the frequency of reported UFO sighting has been on an increasing spree. Here are the top 10 UFO sightings that were reported from different parts of the world in 2015.

UFO sighting in space

The most famous UFO sighting of 2015 happened when a couple of astronauts went out to carry out some regular maintenance work at the International Space Station only to spot a UFO hovering around. The Live feed of the same was seen by thousands before it was being cut by NASA.

Top UFO sighting in the US

Berthoud in Colorado was another place that witnessed UFO sighting in 2015. A blinking light source in the sky that gradually started changing color gave the chill down the spine to people who witnessed the sight. Many people reported the sighting of this particular shining object in other states in different times as well.

1st May 2015 would be a red letter day in the life of a Chicago dweller named Walter who spotted an almost invisible yet discernable triangular shaped UFO stationed in the sky just above his house. The UFO was claimed to be of the dimension of a football ground.

Many people had gathered at the Sequoia Park in Monterrey Park in California to experience the most unique UFO sighting of 2015. A shining object was seen flying in the sky for quite some time which was captured in video by many enthusiastic local before the object gradually faded out into the sky.

Kentucky had its share of UFO sightings on 10th November 2015 when a large UFO was seen flying in the night sky. The whole phenomenon was being captured by a local who was watching the night sky with night vision cameras.

Top UFO sighting in Asia and Europe

It was on 25th June 2015 when local media got busy capturing news of a school boy who claims to have captured photograph of a flying saucer in the skies of Kanpur in India. The alleged UFO had red lights around it and it seemed as if smoke was getting emitted from the object.

Another UFO sighting was reported from the Indian city of Gorakhpur on 28th November 2015 when Rinku, a local resident claimed of having taken a photo of a large flying saucer which looks somewhat similar to the one that was spotted in the city of Kanpur a few months back.

Another strange circular orb was spotted over CERN in Geneva, Switzerland in the month of December 2015. The sky had a swirl of clouds and all of a sudden a bright light was spotted dashing towards the cloud swirl and get vanished in the cloud vortex in matter of no time. This UFO sighting was reported by a couple of American tourists.

Top UFO sightings in Mexico

A strange orb was seen wobbling in the skies of Guadalajara, Mexico on 4th December 2015 which locals initially thought to be some balloon. However, the persistent wobbling of the object in the blue sky made the people conscious that what they were looking at was a UFO.

Amado Marquez of Mexico claimed to have recorded the movement of a squid shaped UFO in the sky over his house. The local authorities have seen the video but could not identify the object, but as per many locals, similar type of a UFO was spotted earlier as well in the year of 1991.