Top 10 Secrets Of National UFO Reporting Center

(6) Peter Davenport, the Director of NUFORC has proposed the usage of passive radars for the detection of UFOs in the near earth environment.

(7) The 24 hour hotline number of NUFORC has been distributed to airports, military bases and local police stations so that they can refer the UFO witnesses to NUFORC who would be able to investigate on the claims and confirm its authenticity.

(8) The number of hoax calls on reported UFO sighting has been on an increasing trend over the last few years.

(9) The witnesses who have been calling NUFOC with their tales of UFO sightings are from all classes of the society. Right from the next door guy to policemen, federal aviation administration employees, military personnel and even a few scientists have been calling up the hotline number of NUFORC reporting the sighting of UFOs in their respective towns and cities.

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(10) From the calls that have been received by NUFORC, the authorities have categorized the types of UFOs and they have found that almost 18 types of UFOs have been reportedly spotted in the sky, some of which are fireballs and some look like diamonds or pyramids.

With the surge in the number of UFO sightings that are being reported worldwide, it is important that organizations like NUFORC are collecting all such reports and maintaining a complete database of the same along with validating the claims in terms of their authenticity.

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