Top 10 Proof Of Pleiadian Aliens On Earth

(5) The Pleiadians have found fossilized human footprints on Earth, which are 120 million years old, which is the witness of the existence of extra-terrestrials.

(6) They calculated the age of sun, galaxies and planets from the point of time when the first finest gas was formed and not from the time when these objects existed as solid bodies.

(7) They are involved in the nurturing of life forms such as whales and dolphins on Earth.

(8) They are responsible for bringing the awareness about energy healing methods which were discovered after many years.

The Pleiades

(9) The Pleiadians discovered a small system of sun with planet Earth on one of their exploration mission.

(10) They found three groups of uncivilized people living on Earth. The largest civilization was that of the pale colored Lyrans.

Pleiadians have made attempts to share their experiences many times, so that the human race doesn’t have to face the setbacks and destructions that they have suffered, but at present there are not enough people to listen to them. In the very near future, the Pleiadians will help all humans on earth to move towards a spiritual path.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Proof Of Pleiadian Aliens On Earth

  1. I really want to know if these tall whites or other alien forms of life do exist, then why, and I stress WHY, do not they come more front forward..i.e., appear live on newscast programs such as CNN or other mass news programming. I personally would love to meet with them and to listen to what they have to say about us humans destroying our own planet in so many unnatural ways. Please I am not doubting there existence, but I just would see further proof.

  2. The Pleaides are a very young group of stars and they belong to spectral class B. These stars have an extremely short lifespan. Planets around them, if there are any, may be still cooling from their formation and they will be vaporized by the stars as they expand in the next few million years.

    There’s barely some time to planets to form in the Pleiades, let alone life, and especially intelligent life (which by a bizarre coincidence, look a lot like us). The Pleiades are one of the WORST places in our region of the Milky Way to look for life. That’s basically a proof that these guys DON’T exist.

    If you intend to create some fictional alien race, AT LEAST use a less massive star as the center of thei system, like M, K or G-type main-sequence stars.

  3. i’m very interested in the family of light and wanting to get to know them and to understand them i have had the chance to open my eyes up to the message that the family of light has left for all to review and i have read old records of the family of light when they came to earth but i really want to see them and meet with them i have open up my mind, body and soul to reach out to them and im very curious but i can feel and sense them around me i have been a psychic since i was 5 years old and i can feel and sense spirits and the family of light. i want to tell the family of light i’m waiting for you r connection and i cant wait to return back to my family of light family and that i wait patience and ready and that i love my family of light and i’m waiting for you right now

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