Top 10 Proof Of Alien Life On Other Planets

(6) Alien life on Pluto

UFO on Pluto

According to photos released by NASA on October 2015, there is evidence of alien existence on Pluto. UFO highlights that the images captured on Pluto proves that a giant alien ship has been parked on the Blue Ridge Mountain of this planet,

(7) Astronauts on Apollo 11 detected a rocket flying alongside

Apollo 11 UFO rocket flying along

The astronauts on Apollo 11 sent a message to the control room to get an idea whether S-4B, the detached part of the rocket was still nearby. This unusual question was asked by them after they were able to detect that something was flying along side of their rocket. Later, they were able to determine that it was a space craft of some unidentified visitor.

(8) Presence of alien on Enceladus

alien on Enceladus

According to various researches conducted by NASA, it has been found that there is a huge body of water beneath the Enceladus, sixth largest moon of Saturn. Scientists further highlight that if there is an existence of water beneath this moon then there must be existence of aliens in this place.

(9) Mysterious signals received during the SETI project

Mysterious signals received during the SETI project

In the year 2003, when astronauts were in search of extraterrestrial life using massive telescope received a high frequency radio signals that disappeared suddenly, except one that became stronger. This signal is evidence that there is alien life in other planet.

(10) Evidence of life on Venus

alien on Venus

According to a research conducted by famous Russian astronaut, it has been found that there is existence of life in the planet Venus. Photographs captured on the space highlight that there is existence of several forms life on Venus.

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