Top 10 MUFON Alien And UFO Files

MUFON File # 54707: Rocket like UFO seen in skies of Florida

MUFON Florida March, 2014

As per locals of Charlotte County, FL, they saw a rocket like unidentified flying object which initially ascended at a much higher speed than usual rockets, but after reaching a height of about a mile high up in the air, it stopped gaining altitude and changed it direction to fly towards the north. As the object flew overhead, the local could see a dark orange colored glowing circular object that surprisingly did not make any sound as it flew at supersonic speed. The event had occurred on 14th March, 2014 at 9:55PM.

MUFON File # 54801: Triangular UFO hovers over Ohio silently

18th March 2014 is a red letter day for locals of Ohio who spotted triangular UFOs over Austintown in Ohio. At around 8:20PM in the evening, two black triangles were seen hovering silently at a height of about 200 to 300 feet above the ground. One of the triangular flying objects was larger in size and the objects that looked stationery initially were moving very slowly.

MUFON File # 52992: UFO seen in 1957 B&W photo

UFO seen in 1957 B&W photo

A Texas photo that was shot way back in April 1957 bears a strange looking flying object in the background that looks like a cigar with flame coming out from the back. The family photo was taken near Quinlan in Texas and the flying object does not look similar to anything that could fly high up in the air at those times.

MUFON File # 47870: Boomerang shaped UFO flying at 300 feet in Minnesota

Top UFO Sightings In America History

An Eden Prairie, Minnesota resident had reported the sighting of a boomerang shaped UFO that he had sighted at 10:55PM on 18th May 2013. The object was flying very low and made no sound. The oval reddish orange lights that were seen on the object were kind of dim and it showed up for about 10 to 15 seconds before it faded out and left the atmosphere. The same object was sighted again about five days later.

MUFON File # 41289: UFO in rural area of Hartford, Wisconsin

UFO in rural area of Hartford, Wisconsin

While a mother was bidding goodbye to her departing daughter and grandson at around 10:15PM on 13 July, 2012, the daughter spotted something strange just above the roof that stretched from the chimney of the house to the trees that were about 75 feet away. The UFO which was about 150 feet wide had a curved convex bulge to it and the lower edge of the object had a panel of bright red colored lights. The whole object looked like a cone or a lampshade. Before the mother-daughter duo could investigate further, the object moved slowly towards the east and shot off in the skies and disappeared. The whole sighting happened for a period of 25 seconds only.

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