Top 10 Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting Secrets

(6) Rumors put to rest

Buzz Aldrin

After 45 years of the event, Buzz Aldrin took the chance at an interview to explain that the news of sighting an UFO was indeed a rumor and not more than that. The crew of the Apollo 11 did see something unexpected but there is very slight chance that it was an UFO.

(7) Armstrong was an excellent pilot

Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting Secrets

The Apollo 11 was designed such that the legs of the Eagle would crumple upon impact with the ground on the moon. However, courtesy to Armstrong’s piloting skills, they did not crumple. Hence the first step was more of a leap than just a step.

(8) The best kept secret

Buzz Aldrin actually is the first man to urinate on the moon. He chose to keep the information to himself for obvious reasons until recently. The leap had broken the urine collector of his suit and hence when he peed, it filled up his boots.

Buzz Aldrin secrets

(9) The junks they left behind

Apart from the symbols like the golden olive leaf and USA flag, they also left behind a lot of junk material. These materials include cables, hammers, tongs, urine and much more. NASA made an entire list of these items.

(10) The mother’s worry

Neil Armstrong’s mother was worried of only one issue. She felt the lunar crust was too soft and would not be able to support her con’s weight. This is unlike any other kind of possible worries a mother could have.

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