Top 10 Black Knight Satellite Debunked

(6) How can electronic equipment last for such a long time?

This is also one of the points that do not seem to be true. Have you ever wondered how the aliens were on a mission with the help of the same satellite for such long years? Electronic equipment lasting for more than 10,000 years is certainly hard to believe.

(7) It was nothing more than a thermal blanket

The Black Knight Satellite Debunked

Even though NASA highlighted that it was not at an alien satellite but a thermal blanket which was lost during a work on IS but still few people believed Black Knight to be an alien satellite.

(8) Project Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper did not see any form of green light

Astronaut, Gordon Cooper
Astronaut, Gordon Cooper

At first Gordon Cooper declared that he had seen greens light emitting from Black Knight satellites but in his transcripts he announced that he had not come across any form of UFOs during his mission to Mars. This certainly proves that Black Knight is only an imagination of the people.

(9) Why didn’t the aliens send more satellites?

If the aliens were on a mission to explore the Earth then why did they only send a single satellite to handle the job? To ensure that their mission does not end prematurely, they should have sent more satellites on the polar orbit.

(10) How did people know that Black Knight came from Epsilon Bootis?

Lastly, have you ever wondered as to how people were able to know that Black Knight came from Epsilon Bootis. This is certainly a fact about this alien satellite that cannot be solved.

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One thought on “Top 10 Black Knight Satellite Debunked

  1. So I have absorbed ALL ancient aliens, megalithic, ancient civilizations theory’s and so on. I believe if I had to look at this logically we were definitely engineered or seeded here. Then just left as you would turn out livestock you had no more use for. Think about it. We are a planet of super volcanoes which decimate the environment with every eruption (every 10,000/50,000 years). We get impacted by a meteor on regular basis (every 10,000 / 50,000 years) also environmentally devastating and so on. Basically this planet although teeming with life has a galactic and terrestrial rest button. So what if we are just a science project that has progressed far beyond contain ability and they don’t what to do.

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