Top 10 Alien Secrets Of NASA Cover Up

william rhodes ufo

(6) Collision of the Japanese aircraft 747 with a huge UFO on the skies of Alaska was another incident which was immediately covered up. Though the collision was clearly recorded on radar, both on sky and in the ground, yet it was covered up as a CIA agent said that nothing of this sort ever happened. The whole episode was reported by John Callahan in 1986. Callahan was a chief officer of the Accident and Investigations department of the US government, and told that this was done by NASA and the US government to avoid panic in public.

Collision of the Japanese aircraft UFO

(7) Accidental leak of a photo by a NASA scientist Anthony Colaprete, who was totally ignorant that the photo caught attention, reveals a base or building like structure on the surface of moon. The pictures were taken in 2009.

Anthony Colaprete structure on the surface of moon

(8) NASA covered up the fact that the first moon landing by Neil Armstrong was witnessed by UFOs and other alien constructed observatories on the moon. There are audio tapes where Armstrong has expressed his anxiety over the objects that were observing the landing of the lunar module on the surface of the moon.

5 Evidences Prove Neil Armstrong Met Aliens On The Moon

(9) Live feed from ISS transmission has been cut by NASA multiple times whenever there has been a UFO that is being seen in the orbit of the earth. While NASA tries to claim that these feed cuts are caused by technical glitches, it certainly is a cover-up attempt to hide the facts about aliens and UFOs from the people.

ISS transmission UFO

(10) Astronauts who have been venturing out in the space have seen many UFOs in the orbit of the planet or in the space, but they have been asked to retain the information to themselves by NASA. Testimonies from astronauts like Gordon Cooper would reveal clearly what NASA has been trying to conceal for years and decades.

UFOs in the orbit of the planet

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Alien Secrets Of NASA Cover Up

  1. I compared the statistics Larry Hutch on the phenomenon UFO with humanoids (USA) with the number of dark spots on the Sun. There is a very good correlation. Conclusion: complex types of UFOs is a normal natural phenomenon! Also this conclusion is confirmed by the calculations of Professor Sukharev (the city of Simferopol, 2016). The energy source of the UFO (normal natural phenomenon) this is very interesting!

  2. I live in the Vitebsk region. Here there were pictograms (crop circles) and a UFO in August 9-11, 2000. That was before the explosion of the nuclear submarine “Kursk”. A similar icon (crop circles) appeared here in 1986 (1987) year. In 1986 there was an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant!! Professor Sukharev (Simferopol) wrote that the coincidence is not accidental. UFO – normal natural phenomenon that can be associated with catastrophes.

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