Top 10 Alien Impregnation And Birth Stories

(5) Suzanne Brown from Chester, England had several encounter with a five feet tall Nordic alien who always wore a skintight membrane suit and identified himself as ‘Myriko’. While she does not recall of having any sort of a physical relationship with Myriko or any other alien being, but one day in 1965 Susan feel unbearable pain in her lower abdomen and she fell unconscious. When she woke up she was all soaked in blood and when she was taken aboard a spaceship by Myriko, she saw a grey skinned frail fetus lying which was apparently growing in her womb before her pregnancy was terminated by the aliens.

(Suzanne Brown)
(Suzanne Brown)

(6) Cordella Donovan, a Californian claimed that she was abducted by a man dressed in long white robe that took her on a flying saucer and had sexual intercourse with her against her will. After this incidence she was diagnosed to be found pregnant. The incidence had occurred in 1966.


(The alien impregnation story of Cordelia Donovan)

(7) Another Californian, Claudette Carnshaw had given birth to a stillborn baby in 1967 who had blue skins and webbed feet. The woman claimed to have been abducted near Blanca where she was out on a stroll along the beach. She faced a luminous globe UFO from which six humanoid aliens disembarked and abducted her to have sex with her at one time. These alien humanoids had blue skin and webbed feet.

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(8) Mexican Rose Marie was being impregnated by an alien in 1974. While she and her husband were sleeping on night, there came a dark entity that paralyzed her husband and made her remove her clothes and have conjugal relationship with it. She could feel the thrust of the alien’s tool inside her and once it climaxed she could feel certain oily seeds filling her up from inside. The creature while leaving said she would be giving birth to a boy in three months time and that is exactly what happened.

alien abduction symptoms

Cases where men have been used for impregnating aliens

(9) On 16th October 1957, Brazilian farmer Antonio Villas Boas was working on his farms one night when he was abducted by a group of aliens who came on a strange looking spaceship. After being abducted he was taken inside a small room and an attractive woman who was a blonde but had red hairs in her underarms and pubic area came into the room and had sexual intercourse with Boas. After the intercourse the alien woman smiled and pointer towards her belly first and then towards the sky, as if she was trying to tell the startled Brazilian that she was going to carry a human alien hybrid in her womb who she would take back to her planets, high up in the sky.

farmer Antonio Villas Boas abduction story
(Farmer Antonio Villas Boas abduction story)

(10) A 70 year old Puerto Rican named Ernesto Cab N was visited by three aliens, one female and two males who compelled him to have a sexual intercourse with the female alien that looked exactly like a Nordic female. The aliens who came out from a UFO that emitted multiple colors communicated in broken Spanish and told the veteran Puerto Rican that the sexual intercourse between man and the alien female was required for some experiments that they were conducting ‘back home’. After the session, they collected his semen and flew off. The incidence took place in 1993 in the town of Adjuntas in Puerto Rico.

Ernesto Cab N was visited by aliens

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