Top 10 Alien Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind True Story

No. 4

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a reputed Russian politician and multi-millionaire businessman was allegedly abducted by a UFO in September 1997. The yellow suited aliens used means of telepathy to communicate with the politician. As per the abducted, he was subjected to medical examinations and the aliens were not very hostile in nature.

No. 3

Betty and Barney Hill The UFO Incident (1975)

US Postal Clerk Barney Hill and his wife Betty were abducted by an alien spaceship in September 1961 while they were returning from a vacation trip. The whole experience of being abducted was wiped off their memories and they could remember things about the abduction only when they underwent sessions of regressive hypnosis.

No. 2

Hickson and Parker abduction

Co-workers Hickson and Parker were out on a fishing trip in the Pascagoula River in October 1973, when they were being abducted by aliens. The three aliens had paralyzed their bodies hence they could not resist a bit when they were stripped naked and were subjected to different experiments by the beings from the outer space.

No. 1

Buff Ledge abduction story

What is much famous as the Buff Ledge abduction case is a tale of two teenagers who were taken aboard a spaceship by aliens who had no lips and had webbed fingers. Various samples from their bodies were taken and then they were returned to the same summer camp from where they were being abducted.

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