The Concept Of The Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ideas and postulations about ancient aliens have been developed by many people and a lot number of theorists and authors as well. The whole concept of ancient aliens debunked revolves around the exposing of the hollowness of this whole idea of ancient aliens and prove how baseless a concept this one is. For understanding more information about the ancient aliens debunked, you can refer to this video below :

The Ancient Aliens Debunked a three hour long video that refutes the theories of ancient aliens and their involvement in the making of the various structures, monuments of the earth. It targets the so called ancient astronaut theory and proves that these theories are completely unattested and the statements made by the people in the documentary series on the arguable involvement of extraterrestrial beings in the creations of some of the mythical sites on the planet are also completely uncorroborated.

The video starts with a disclaimer from the maker that the film was made without any bias and with respect towards the concept of ancient aliens and ancient astronauts. At the same time, the maker of the video also makes it a point in the video that the theorists have not been able to substantiate their postulations with proper evidences, and have also been fabricating facts sometimes to establish their nonsensical theory of ancient astronauts.

The whole film of three hours is divided into three main sections – megalithic sites, ancient artifacts and ancient texts. The megalithic sites section comprises of famous and historical sites like the Pumapunku in Bolivia, Pyramids of Egypt, Baalbek in Syria, Easter Islands and the Incan sites in the lands of Peru.

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