Do Aliens Eat Humans?

People used to think that aliens might look something like the little green men described in science fiction movies or similar octopus monster, at present. The President of the royal society, Martin Rees, thought the mysterious alien possibly don’t have ” Flesh” body, and shift the flesh to the mechanical body. So aliens definitely not as described in some science fiction will eat human beings.

Martin Rees said, if we try to detect an alien, it is difficult to find higher organic life wisdom but the search machine signals. Probably “alien” machine derived from physical life, the future with the rapid development of human science and technology, and humans will gradually shift from the flesh into the mechanical body.

Do aliens eat humans

The new study published in the report of “Nautilus”, although human brain thinking activity has led to the earth culture and science, but compared with the powerful “mechanical” brain, this is only a brief lead. Rees thought that aliens would have the transition from the flesh outside of the earth as the mechanical body. On a planet orbiting stars more ancient than the sun, life is likely to evolve into mechanical intelligent life in many ways. Rees believe that robot’s intelligent beyond human about at least 100-200 years. Intelligent robots will be rapid developed, and human together, or completely replace the human. This implies that if we detect looking for aliens, easier to detect “alien” machine. If human is in a stage of the flesh, it is unlikely over the alien behind the machine.

Astronomers have pointed out that the plan exploration of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) search work is valuable, because once detected the aliens will have far-reaching significance. At present, SETI is artificially search electromagnetic transmission information, but even if scientists to detect messages from aliens, in terms of the current technology is unable to decode. Such signals are likely to be complex machine fault signals and the supplementary information, far beyond the human understand the scope of the analysis, the “alien” flesh may still live on a planet, or already dry.

At the same time, he says, even though the intelligent life exists widely in the earth, we can only find a little evidence, for earth humans is difficult to identify the aliens “brain”.