Did the aliens of the Roswell UFO incident be imprisoned in the area 51?

The Roswell UFO incident is not only the most mysterious, but also one of the most famous alien events. After a UFO crash at Roswell region in the United States, the witnesses were mysterious deaths or forced to move out. That was speculated the U.S. military imprisoned the alien bodies and hidden all secrets in this crash, and make the technology of U.S. so developed.

Did Roswell UFO incident real exist? Every year so many explorers arrived in area 51 without success? Why? Nevada Roswell region, the test number in the United States military is 51, so also known as the area 51. The films about area 51 took innumerable, and especially the most famous science fiction- ID4, acted by the starring actor Will Smith. In this movie, actor saw the numerous media in the world are concerned about the truth of the “Roswell incident”, that is the alien flying object crashed in the Nevada desert reported by the local farmers to the police. Later, the US army sent someone to cover up the truth, and the debris of the flying object took back to the military base for scientific research, and among them is an alien’s body. Of course, that is the plot of the movie, and what is the truth?

(The alien of Roswell UFO crushed in 1947)

On July 4, 1947 is the Independence Day of USA. From Colorado about 50 kilometers and 120 kilometers away from northwest of Roswell, a farmer Mac’ Brazel heard a sound of explosion larger than the thunder at that night. On July 5, he found there are many pieces of metal about 400 meters to the farm. On July 6, he took the pieces of metal to Roswell sheriff, then report to the military and turn to the air force base.

Roswell UFO crush site

On July 7, Brazel brought Major Jesse Marciel and another officer to on-site inspection, and the military packed with a lot of things back to base. On July 8, at noon, in the distance about five kilometers west of the farm land, a civil engineer first found the remains of a metal disc, which is about 9 meters in diameter with opened top, and there were several bodies scattered in the dish inside and outside the ground. The body size is very small, only 100 to 130 centimeters in length and weight is probably less than 20 kg.

They all have no hair, big eye, small mouth, and wore the tight gray dress. In the afternoon, the army stationed in the two sites, and blockaded the area after found the metal debris.

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