Decode The Chilbolton Crop Circle’s Alien Messages

(5) Depiction of a human and the height of human, which was sent as 176.4cm

(6) Population on earth

(7) The solar system, with a special highlight to the third planet

(8) The Arecibo telescope and its diameter

The decoding of the crop circle gave the following findings:

(1) Decimal numbers in the same pattern

(2) Atomic numbers had an inclusion of Silicon

(3) No change in the formulas

(4) Additional strand of DNA and the number of nucleotides in DNA was also changed

(5) The human figure was grey with the height of 100.8 cm

(6) Population figures had changed

(7) Solar system information was changed, with special highlight on third, fourth and fifth planet

(8) The diameter of the transmitter had changed

The 2002 Chilbolton crop circle

Decode The 2002 Chilbolton Crop Circle's Alien Messages

The 2002 Chilbolton crop circle comprised of a stereotypical alien face and a disc with binary coding on it. Similar to the 2001 crop circle, this one too is made of ‘pixels’. The binary message was decoded to be found as a message from the creators of the crop circle. The decoded message read “Beware of the bearers o FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still Time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).

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3 thoughts on “Decode The Chilbolton Crop Circle’s Alien Messages

  1. I did the calculation: response to the Arecibo message after 27 years came to the earth with a flood.. meteors – an echo from the Kuiper belt. Paradox: this is a normal natural phenomenon! Humanity interacts with its own reflection. It’s not aliens!! Evidence there are many. We are interested in the of energy in these natural phenomena

  2. map of alien star system is outstanding . alien occupy three planets in the star system . one of the planets seems to be highlighted as a home world . artist’s rendering needed here to kindle the possibilities . the home world probably is earth-like while the other two planets may be similar to mars or mercury in character . in general lay out of the star system is very similar to solar system with the inner terestrial planets and the gas giants .

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