Alien Crop Circles Debunked And The Theories

(4) Crop circles never appear on remote fields. They are always found to be formed on fields that have easy access to roads. If the aliens were to make them, they would certainly not have any prejudice like this. An alien would not need to take the road to reach the fields after all!

(5) No crop circle has been reported to have been formed in open daylight. It has always been a nocturnal activity. If the aliens had to make them, why would they prefer the cover of darkness all the times?

(6) Why would the aliens have special fascination towards the circular shape only? 98% of crop circles are seen to have circles and no other geometric shape. It is not convincing enough to believe that geometrical know-how of the intelligent extraterrestrials would be limited to the shape of circle only. Circular patterns are easier to be made on the fields for humans, not for aliens.

Description of the video

The video shows the comments from Reg Presley, a renowned crop circle researcher who believes that about 95% of the crop circles are manmade. Presley, however, points to the enormous size of the crop circle with 409 spiral circles and comments that to produce something as huge as that it would require a lot of human effort and time. The video also shows Matthew who is a crop circle maker and shows the process of making crop circles with the help of stomper boards and markers. He reveals that there are different teams comprising of artists and graphic designers who take it as a challenge as in who can make the better crop circle overnight.

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