10 Tips Of How To Get Abducted By Aliens

There are many ways to get famous. The road to fame can be reached by doing good work in the field of music or science, by doing charity to the society, by building industries or by getting abducted by aliens. Of all the available options, the easiest and fastest way to be famous is to get abducted by aliens. Not only you get to see your name in the headlines, but you also become one of those very rare people who get the chance to meet people from a different world. Here are some tips that will help you get abducted by aliens if at all they are in need to interact with humans.

How To Get Abducted By Aliens

1. Try taking a house in the states of California, Wisconsin or Florida. These are the states with the highest number of UFO sighting reports. If the residents of these states do not drink too much alcohol, it is to be understood that these states are the favorite spots for aliens to show up and hence your probabilities of getting abducted are higher if you stay here.

2.If the concepts of the ancient alien theorists are to be believed, aliens are everywhere. You should try to draw their attention by speaking high about aliens and displaying your urge to get abducted by them. You never know if the person sitting at the next table is alien in human disguise and he might just choose you to be the one for his next experimental venture.

3.Aliens love dark places for conducting their abductions. You should try to spend as much time as possible in wheat fields, forests, mountains or lonely countryside.

4.You may consider spending a night or two in the fields of Wiltshire in Southern England. Allegedly these fields are the favorites for the extraterrestrial visitors for making crop circles, their messages to the mankind.

5.Try setting up radar in the backyard and transmit signals to the outer space. You need not be a space scientist to do this. By sending such signals, you can easily make the aliens aware that you are interested in establishing contact with them.

6.Next Halloween, choose the costume of an alien. You never know if your costume matches the actual appearance of our extraterrestrial friends and decide to take you for a quick tour of their planet.

7.Read about aliens as much as you can. By a reading a lot about them, you would be able to identify their signals know more about them. An alien would obviously want to interact with knowledgeable humans and hence, your chances of getting abducted would be higher.

8.If you happen to spot any bright light in the sky or in your yard, try to draw their attention by sending SOS signals by means of strong laser torches. Do not try to use too strong beams of light as they might feel disturbed.

9.Be open to being experimented upon. Aliens abduct humans not for friendly chit chat but for a more serious business that involves physical examinations by the use of multiple probes and machines. If you are not okay with these, you may not stand a chance to get abducted. Remember, aliens can read your mind by means of telepathy.

10.Learn how to manifest the feeling of fear on your face. Aliens love to abduct people who are afraid and try to run away from them. If you do not show signs of fear that would mean that you are willing to get abducted, and they might think you to be a spy and reject you from their abduction list.

These tips are probable ways to get noticed and subsequently abducted by the aliens. There is no guarantee that you would still be abducted, as we do not know what is going on in the super-intelligent minds of the more advanced extraterrestrial beings.

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  1. Well where do I start I never believed in this kid of stuff till one nite I noitce someone in my back yard me thinking it was a person up to no good like robbing I try to get its attention by calling hey what are you doing over here it took me about two minutes until It turned around just staring I lowered my tone of my voice and notice it glided to me very slowly and didn’t move I reached out and and made contact with it I touched it and sticky goo was left on my finger the description of the figure was no more than 4 feet tall 65 pounds at the most

  2. I mean.. this article is quite not true because how would you know if “Aliens” are evil. Plus we actually dont know if aliens “exsist” because the government hasnt said anything yet. I bet if they do tell the truth, the whole world would go crazy. We also dont know how they look like either, Even if someone describes them as big black eyes, green, or grey because they “saw one”, they could just be lying to get attention. Yea they could be real, but really, i respect to leave them be. I also think its embarrassing to see someone all crazy about aliens. Lately the world has been telling lies and we dont know who to trust anymore, people want attention. Just remember trust no one.

  3. From time to time, you hear these crazy alien abduction stories, but have you ever thought about what to do if you’re actually in that situation? According to Stuart Appelle, the term alien abduction describes subjectively real memories of being taken secretly against one’s will by apparently nonhuman entities and subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures. There are enough reports of real people who have been abducted that it’s estimated that 5-6% of the world’s population have been taken by UFOs at one point.

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