10 Secrets Of The Antonio Villas Boas Alien Abduction Story

Antonio Villas Boas Alien Abduction

(6) During the act of intercourse, the alien humanoid did not kiss Boas even for once. All she did was that she kept on nipping him on the chin.

(7) After they had the intercourse, the alien started rubbing her belly and smilingly pointed towards the sky. Boas felt that she was trying to tell him that she is going to raise the child in the space.

(8) Later, the exhausted farmer was taken for a tour of the spaceship. He tried to take a clock like object with him as a proof of the alien encounter, but the aliens stopped him from doing so.

(9) After he was through with the tour of the spaceship, the aliens escorted him out of the ship and it took off, glowing as brightly as it was during landing.

(10) The whole abduction happened for a span of four hours, but as per Boas, he could not make out that so much time had gone by.

By the account of Antonio Villas Boas, it is obvious that he was being treated as an object of some human alien hybrid experiment that the aliens were conducting. The purpose of their coming to earth was to take his samples which they would have need for the experiment.

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