10 Reasons Why Russian Prime Minister Confirms Aliens Among Us So Confidently

(6) There is a documentary called ‘Men in Black’ which was released in Russia that carries detailed information on the aliens and their count and activities on the planet. Russian prime minister draws reference to this documentary which seems to have boosted his confidence about aliens even more.

Herbert Hopkins man in black

(7) An unknown aluminum alloy and strange mesh material was recovered along with the debris of an unidentified flying sphere’s crash in Hill 611 near the small and remote village of Dalnegorsk. This UFO crash incident is known as the Russian Roswell incidence and it is also believed that aliens were recovered from the crash site and taken into the Russian military’s custody.

Medvedev alien

(8) Several sightings of UFO right over Kremlin has been happening for many decades which makes the Prime Minister sure that aliens are absolutely there.

(9) In January, 1985 a strange greenish cloud was spotted in Russian skies which was giving out shafts of bright light to the ground. This type of event was earlier recorded in 1930s and then in 1982 as well. The strange cloud and the occurring were believed to be connected to alien and this had found its place in the classified folder that was handed over to the Medvedev as the beginning of his term as the president.

Medvedev aliens

(10) Many fighter pilots of Russian air force have reported sightings of UFOs in the skies and they have been fired upon by some of them as well. In 1966, a Soviet pilot had chased one of such UFOs in the skies of Ukraine before it disappeared completely. These reports are believed to play a vital role in setting the level of confidence with which the Russian prime minister spoke about aliens in the off-air interview.

Whether other government heads would follow the trend set by Dmitry Medvedev and would disclose the hidden facts about aliens or not is something that only future would answer, but the fact that the Russian prime minister has commented on their existence is certainly a huge boost to the morale of UFO and alien enthusiasts around the world.

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