10 Facts of Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter With Little Green Men In 1955

(6) Major John E. Albert highlighted that a monkey was involved in this incident

In the year 1957, Major John E. Albert had concluded that the incident in Kentucky was indeed resulted due to a silver colored monkey which escaped from a nearby circus.

(7) UFO referred the aliens to Great Horned Owls

Horned Owls Little Green Men

According to the opinion of renowned UFO researcher, Renaud Leclet, the people who witnessed the incident has misidentified the Great Horned Owls to be aliens.

(8) No evidence to proof that the aliens entered the house

According to an analysis, it has been found that there was no such physical evidence that the aliens entered into the house of the Sutton and Taylor families. The investigators neither found any sort of foot prints nor any blood marks which concluded that the Hopkinsville Goblins entered the house of the witnesses.

The Little Green Men

(9) Little Green Men Days Festival is organized every year in Kentucky

In order to make people from parts of the world aware about this incident, Little Green Men Days Festival is organized every year in Kentucky.

(10) Joe Nickell from Committee for Skeptical Inquiry to investigate the event

On the 50 year Anniversary of this event, Joe Nickell from Committee for Skeptical Inquiry was hired by Hopkinsville’s chamber of commerce to give a small talk about this incident and even investigate it in detail. Joe Nickell had a talk with the people present during the incident and even checked out the old newspapers and records in detail.

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